GSL Slow-Speed Granulators The slow-speed granulators in the GSL range are used mainly in injection and blow moulding processes as beside-the-press machines to granulate runners and sprues. The machines can be used for reject products in an in-line recycling process as well. Different hopper and base-frame designs make it possible to integrate the machine with most types of injection holding machines, robots and conveyors.
GST Tangential Granulators The compact in-line granulators of the GST series are primarily designed for use in blow moulding applications to recycle voluminous parts such as bottles, drums, jerry cans, as well as blow moulding flash, tops/tails and crates. The aggressive tangential design of the cutting chamber ensures that large volume containers do not “bounce/dance” on top of the rotor, but are quickly gripped and pulled into the cutting chamber.
GSE Economical Granulators The GSE series is designed as an economical granulator for use in in-house and general purpose recycling applications. The cutting geometry of the GSE series makes it ideal for granulating small to medium sized, thin-walled and hollow parts. The complete GSE granulator series achieves a high quality regrind independent of the material type or form, such as injection moulded parts, blow moulded parts, profiles, small diameter pipe, sheet, film, etc.
GSC Compact Soundproofed Granulators The GSC series compact soundproofed machines are used mainly in in-line operations or as central granulators for the processing of small to medium sized, thin-walled, hollow products, or runners and sprues. The integrated soundproofing makes it acceptable to position the machine in existing, noise sensitive areas. With different rotor designs and a wide variety of options the machines can be tailored for many different applications.
GSH Heavy-Duty Granulators The wide range of available rotor and hopper designs allow the GSH series to be customised to almost every application in the plastic recycling field. The GSH series heavy-duty granulators are used mainly as central granulators for in-house recycling applications to process thick-walled parts in one-step, as a second-step granulator after a shredder to reach higher throughput rates, or as a general purpose granulator capable of processing a wide variety of pre and post-consumer input materials at high throughput rates, wet or dry.
GSP Pipe / Profile Granulators Conventional granulators have significant drawbacks handling long pipes and profiles. Therefore ZERMA developed the GSP series for pipes and profiles. Thanks to the almost level feeding hopper, long lengths of material can be easily fed into the machine. While the machine is operating there is no risk of blocking, in case of congestion no more material will be accepted by the machine, and when the cutting chamber empties the machine will accept material again.