Slow speed
General Description The slow-speed granulators in the GSL-300 range feature a staggered 300mm diameter rotor with widths ranging from 400 to 800mm. The rotor is directly driven by a geared motor. The low rotor speed reduces the noise level of the machine and creates less dust while granulating. The special design of the GSL-300 series blades can be sharpened easily and do not need adjustment afterwards. The material is fed via a sound absorbing feed hopper that can be tailored to fit various applications and feeding methods. Depending on the requirements the machines can be fitted with a wide variety of hoppers, they are mounted on either low or high level base-frames with matching suction bins or bag filling adapters. Quick snap fasteners and hand screws make access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance fast and easy. Applications The GSL-300 series slow-speed granulators are used mainly in injection and blow moulding processes as beside-the-press machines to granulate runners and spurs, but they can be used as low noise central granulators for small throughput requirements as well. The stronger design of the GSL-300 series granulators allow them to be used for tougher and thicker materials while offering the same advantages regarding low noise and dust as the smaller GSL machines. All GSL models can be equipped with a built-in blower system in case a vacuum loading system is not existing, or to transport the granulated material into bags for storage. Advantages
  • Direct driven staggered rotor
  • Special blade design makes adjustment unnecessary
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Slow rotor speed creates less noise and dust
  • Easily customisable to suit different applications

GSL-180 Series

GSL-200 Series