Heavy duty
Description The ZXS shredders are single-shaft shredders with a powerful two-speed swing ram design that eliminates the risk of blocking and wearing of internal guide rails. The machine is very versatile and can be used for shredding of all types of input materials and is well suited for different industries. The 750mm diameter rotors ranging from 1500 to 3000mm widths are driven by two oversized gearboxes. The low speed of 45 rpm guarantees high torque and smooth operation. The hydraulic power-pack is integrated into the machine housing to save space and protect it from damage but is still easy to access or remove for maintenance. The proven E-rotor, blade holder and blade designs are taken to new dimensions to conquer the most demanding applications and challenges. The machines can be customised to various applications, with advanced controls and hydraulics, hard-facing and other wear options. Applications The ZXS shredders have been designed for the most demanding and high throughput applications in recycling industries. The input materials can be all types of plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, e-waste, post-consumer waste, rubber, etc. in various shapes and sizes. Typical input materials are: large lumps, large diameter pipe, baled material, tyres, pallets, drums, stretch film, etc. The output material size is defined by the installed screen, and except in RDF (refuse derived fuels) applications the output material needs to be processed further to achieve the desired final size. For the recycling of complete truck and tractor tires the ZXS-T model is configured with special wear protection and blades. Advantages
  • Low speed, high torque gear drive
  • Powerful two-speed hydraulic swing type pusher
  • Heavy-Duty design & high throughput rates
  • Suitable for very large and heavy parts
  • Big diameter rotor (750 mm)