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WHAT CAN WE DO FOR YOU? Zerma has a long history of supplying size reduction equipment for a wide range of applications. Contact a specialist from Zerma’s experienced sales team and we will recommend a solution for your specific application. Layout drawings and technical specifications may be provided on request.

Installation, commissioning & training On request, skilled technicians are available to assist with on-site installation, commissioning & training. This will enable you to quickly optimise the performance of your new plant. Training is available either on-site during installation or alternatively, additional training can be arranged after installation at regular intervals, where operators will be refreshed on all aspects relating to operation and maintenance by a Zerma technician.
Dimensional drawings together with service requirements will be provided prior to delivery of your equipment. This will allow you to prepare the site and allow commencement of production in a timely fashion. Consult your Zerma representative to schedule on site work.

Service & technical support Zerma Africa is at your service for expert advice, ongoing service and spare parts. Call or email us today should you have any requirements or require assistance.

Spare parts Zerma Africa holds a inventory of spare parts in Johannesburg, however should the required part not be available locally, our efficient service personnel at Zerma Shanghai will ensure that the part is despatched without delay. Shipping of spare parts may be by air, sea or courier depending on the urgency of the situation. Customers are encouraged to hold their own critical spare parts such as blades and screens to ensure optimal machine condition and performance.

GRANULATOR BLADES A granulator performs best and most economically when the blades are sharp. Regular blade changes and correct setting of the cutting gap help ensure a good final result and reduced power consumption. We keep blades in stock, call or email us for more information.

PULVERISER TOOLS The Pulverisers can be equipped with either segments or one piece grinding discs, both can be resharpened. If you need help resharpening or replacing them, please contact us.

SCREENS The right screen size can make a big difference in the performance of a machine, and sometimes you just need a new screen fast. Most standard screen sizes are available from Zerma Shanghai ex-stock or can be manufactured quickly. This includes screens made from wear resistant materials or stainless steel.

SHREDDER BLADES The Zerma shredder blades can be turned when one side is worn out, this helps increase the blades lifetime. If you need new blades please call or email us.

OTHER STANDARD PARTS From bolts to V-belts, there are many more parts to a Zerma machine than blades, screens and rotors, but the service remains the same. We keep most standard parts in stock available for a fast delivery, should you need it. Contact us for more information.